Assessments of Economic Policy in 2020

Assessments of Economic Policy in 2020
// Russian Economic Barometer (QuE). 2021. № 1. С. 3-13

DOI: 10.20542/reb.eng-2021-1-3-13

Sergey Aukutsionek – Head of Centre, Center for Research in Transitional Economies, Head of Sector, Sector of Research of Economic Behavior of Enterprises, IMEMO.

Аннотация. The article describes how the managers of Russa's industrial and agricultural enterprises (the Russian Econimic Barometer's respondents) assess the governmental economic policy through the end of 2020. The author presents  the  data  on  the  proportion  of  managers  who  comprehend  and approve  of  this  policy  and  on  the  high  priority  measures  that  they  consider necessary to stimulate production.

Ключевые слова: Russia; industry; economic policy; assessment of economic policy of the Government; index of approval; index of comprehension;  production incentives; residual duration of the crisis

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Aukutsionek S. Assessments of Economic Policy in 2020. Russian Economic Barometer (QuE), 2021, № 1, сс. 3-13.

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