Панкова Л.В., Гусарова О.В., Стефанович Д.В.
International Cooperation in Space: Activities amid Great Power Competition // Russia in Global Affairs. 2021. Vol. 19, Issue 4. P. 97-117. DOI 10.31278/1810-6374-2021-19-4-97-117.
Тип публикации:

DOI 10.31278/1810-6374-2021-19-4-97-117

In the coming decade, intensifying competition between great powers will have a significant impact on the development of space activities (SA) and on the future of international cooperation in this field. The article examines the scope, development paths and competitive advantages of individual countries in the field of space activities, and explores fundamental issues of competition and cooperation. A system analysis method is used to assess current dynamics in this area. The U.S. is expanding cooperation with its allies, while Russia is strengthening cooperation with China in the SA field. We note the “securitization” of SA development processes and emphasize the expansion of the “space” dimension of the international security agenda. There is a danger that “natural competition” may turn into “confrontation,” which is a key factor influencing, inter alia, the need to change the form of organization, the principles, the strategy, and the mechanisms of international cooperation. The article also substantiates the need to strengthen the role of international cooperation in the SA field as a “binding” component of global security.

Ключевые слова: space | space activities | international cooperation | great-power competition | allies | commercialization | international security |

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Pankova L., Gusarova O., Stefanovich D. International Cooperation in Space: Activities amid Great Power Competition. – Russia in Global Affairs. 2021. Vol. 19, Issue 4. P. 97-117. DOI 10.31278/1810-6374-2021-19-4-97-117.


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