Ломанов А.В.
Global Consequences of US‒China Confrontation // Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 2021. Vol. 91, Issue 4. P. 410-413. DOI 10.1134/S1019331621040067.
Тип публикации:

DOI 10.1134/S1019331621040067

The impact of US policy towards China on the development strategy of the PRC and global trends is considered. The United States failed to force China to liberalize using instruments of economic pressure and sanctions; Beijing took a course towards ensuring security by reducing dependence on exports, import substitution, and increasing self-sufficiency in technology. In the opinion of the author, the intention of the new US administration to create a “democratic alliance” to counter China may deepen the confrontation and prompt Beijing to form an alliance of its own. Based on the analysis of publications by Chinese scientists on the prospects of the Washington‒Beijing‒Moscow triangle, it is concluded that Russia needs to assess clearly its place in the new world configuration, including the pros and cons of joining the Chinese scientific and technological system.

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Lomanov A. Global Consequences of US‒China Confrontation. – Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 2021. Vol. 91, Issue 4. P. 410-413. DOI 10.1134/S1019331621040067.


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