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Тип публикации:
The paper aims to analyze foreign policies of great powers premised upon not so much on the ideological basis of justice but on execution of their own military strategies to obtain political and economic interests in the Post-Cold war era. Then, it studies the outcomes of the US ‘extension of democracy’ political course and the current state of relations between China, Russia and the US. Arguably, foreign policies of great powers are based not so much on the ideological foundation of justice but have been shaped by their political, economic and security priorities. Intergovernmental relations without moral and ethical standards can cause future conflicts as exemplified by Georgian events in 2008. From Russia’s point of view, US foreign policy focuses only on the preservation of their own interests. In light of this, although the SCO’s official position is non-military, it is considered to be opposing NATO. Conclusions of this study are as follows: First, global powers constantly expand their sphere of influence through assertive foreign policies. Second, the Cold War era has evolved into the present system without much change as international conflicts between great powers are covered by ideological rhetoric while premised upon economic, political and security priorities. 

Ключевые слова: antagonism | Imaginary interest | Forced democratization | (New) Cold War |

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