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12 января 2022 г. на сайте Observer Research Foundation (Индия) опубликована статья старшего научного сотрудника Сектора Центральной Азии Центра постсоветских исследований, к.и.н. Притчина С.А.«Kazakhstan and the CSTO have been tested by the crisis».

The protests in Kazakhstan at the beginning of January 2022 became the most tragic page in the history of the Central Asian republic since its independence in 1991. In response to the increase in the LPG prices for cars, people took to the streets to protest in the western part of the republic, which then spread to many other cities. The most tragic events took place in Almaty, the largest city in the republic and the former capital, where protesters took full control of the city for several days, seizing the airport, banks, administrative buildings and looting shops. Under such conditions where even the Kazakh law enforcement agencies couldn’t restore order, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, requested the assistance of fellow members of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO), which sent its troops to the republic. As a result, the situation was quickly stabilised, but the consequences of the crisis will affect regional security for a long time.

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На сайте Observer Research Foundation опубликована статья Станислава Притчина о причинах, которые привели к перестановкам в политической власти Казахстана и прибытию миротворческих войск ОДКБ.



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