First issue of the IMEMO Laboratory podcast


The first episode of the “IMEMO Laboratory” podcast, a project of IMEMO, in which experts will share their thoughts and conclusions on current international problems, as well as on long-term trends in global politics, security and economics, has been released.

The podcast is hosted by Professor Alexander Dynkin, President of IMEMO, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. of Science (Economics).

The issue focuses on relations in the Russia-China-India triangle. The interaction of these three powers has a powerful impact on global processes, especially on the dynamics of Eurasian development. 

The experts are Alexander Lomanov, Deputy Director for Scientific Work at IMEMO, Dr. of Science (History), and Alexei Kupriyanov, Head of Group on South Asia and Indian Ocean, Cand.of Science (History).

The panelists discuss the growing confrontation with the West, the creation of various US alliances in Pacific Asia, the intensification of India-China rivalry in the Indo-Pacific region, and the role of the SCO in the context of Russia-China-India relations.

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