Ninth issue of the IMEMO Laboratory podcast


The ninth issue of the “IMEMO Laboratory” podcast, a project of IMEMO, has been released, within the framework of which the Institute experts share their thoughts and conclusions on current international problems, as well as on long-term trends in world politics, security and economy.

The theme of the podcast: "The US-China Confrontation: Is there an Ideological Component?”.

 The podcast is hosted by Victoria Zhuravleva, Head of the Center for North American Studies at IMEMO, Cand. of Science (Politics).


Feodor Voitolovsky, Acting Director of IMEMO, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

Alexander Lomanov, Acting Deputy Director for Scientific Work, Head of the Center for Asia Pacific Studies at IMEMO, Dr. of Science (History).

In this issue of the podcast, IMEMO experts discuss the role of ideological factors in the US-China confrontation. Thirty years after Francis Fukuyama's proclamation of the "end of history" and the victory of the liberal idea in the format of Western democracy, the Western value model is in crisis. China is ready to offer its own value model, but does it claim to be a messianic one? What are the prospects for the confrontation between the "community of democracies" and the "community of autocracies"? What is the role of third forces in this ideological confrontation? Are there new opportunities for Russia in the ideological and political vacuum in the world?

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