Tenth issue of the IMEMO Laboratory podcast


he tenth issue of the “IMEMO Laboratory” podcast, a project of IMEMO, has been released, within the framework of which the Institute experts share their thoughts and conclusions on current international problems, as well as on long-term trends in world politics, security and economy.

The theme of the podcast: "Economic Confrontation between the USA and China: From Trade War to Technological One”.

The podcast is hosted by Victoria Zhuravleva, Head of the Center for North American Studies at IMEMO, Cand. of Science (Politics).

  • Ivan Danilin, Head of the Department of Science and Innovation, Cand. of Science (Politics);
  • Sergey Dmitriev, Lead Researcher of the Center for North American Studies, Cand. of Science (Economics);
  • Sergey Lukonin, Head of the Sector of Economy and Politics of China, Cand. of Science (Economics).

This issue focuses on US-China trade and economic relations. The experts discussed the common causes of trade wars and the reasons for the breakdown of these relations, economic dependence and the consequences of COVID-19. As well as the political aspect of trade relations between the two countries, Chinese industry in the context of relations with the United States, competition for markets and the transformation of the trade war into a technological one. Can China surpass the United States in production? US readiness for domestic production and plans for implementation? US and Chinese strategies. 


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A meeting of the Academic council of IMEMO was hold at the Academician N.N. Inozemtsev conference hall.



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