Sergei Afontsev made a comment on the results of the G20 summit on coronavirus


Sergei Afontsev commented on the results of the G20 summit on coronavirus, which was held in the online format on Thursday, March, 26.

He stressed that the participants of the summit made the final statement, in which they had agreed to expand the authorities of the WHO in the combat against coronavirus and in connection with it also had promised to take collective measures to support the world economy. Furthermore, the states of the G20 agreed to provide funds to the campaign against the coronavirus and appealed to the other states and international organizations to do the same. The Ministers of Finance and the Heads of the Central Banks of the states of the G20 should develop the plan of the actions to overcome the effects of coronavirus. Also the states of the G20 ask the WHO, the IMF and The World Bank to provide help for the developing countries to cope with the effects of coronavirus.

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