1.          31.03.2018 . 31.03.2018  China: the external background of constitutional changes

Vasily Mikheev,
Sergey Lukonin
"The main result of the first three months of 2018 was the final institutionalization of XI Jinping's monopoly on political and ideological power, which was authorized by the constitutional amendments passed at the March session of the NPC..."          more...

2.          30.03.2018 . 30.03.2018  Cambridge Analytica scandal why is it important for us?

 Research Fellow Alexandra Borisova
"The fundamental rejection of president Donald Trump by American elites leads to results in more and more political scandals and social unrest on a variety of occasions..."          more...

3.          29.03.2018 . 29.03.2018  To the results of the Beijing voyage of the leader of the DPRK



4.          25.03.2018 . 25.03.2018  About the Results of the Second Round of Negotiations on Brexit

Tatiyana Andreeva
"An EU summit was held in Brussels on March 22-23, 2018. During the event all 27 EU member states approved the terms of a Brexit transition deal without any delay or objections..."          more...

5.          06.03.2017 . 06.03.2017  Donald Trumps Foreign Economic Policy Acquires Aggressive Contours

Sergei Dmitiev
"According to the new president, “the era of cooperation” is over in international trade, although "isolationism is not an option for the US in the international arena"..."          more...

6.          02.03.2017 . 02.03.2017  Donald Trump's Speech to Congress: Issues of Economic Agenda

Oksana Bogaevskaya
"Speaking to Congress on February 28, Donald Trump adhered to a business meeting format, although he could not refrain from making some statements more intended for the general public..."          more...

7.          02.03.2017 . 02.03.2017  President Donald Trump's first speech to Congress: unity for the great future

Viktoria Zhuravleva
"On February 28th, D. Trump gave his first speech to a joint session of Congress. Traditionally, the first speech of an American president is symbolic and very important in terms of establishing contact between the branches of power ..."          more...

8.          08.02.2016 . 08.02.2016  North Korea's nuclear ambitions and prospects for five-party talks

Commentary by Dr. Alexander Fedorovskiy and Kristina Voda.  "In the weeks since North Korea declared its H-bomb test on January 6, not only have international debates on this issue failed to reach any solid conclusions, but diplomatic negotiations between major Asia-Pacific countries have intensified.           more...

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