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Adno Yuri
Russian Metallurgy: a Stage of Change
Ежегодник, 2007

Arbatova Nadezhda
The Problem of the Status of Kosovo as a Challenge to European Security
Ежегодник, 2007

Bragina Elena, Volodin Andrey
India: Trends in and Prospects for Economic and Political Development
Ежегодник, 2007

Dabagyan E.
Left Turn in Latin America: Myths and Reality
Ежегодник, 2007

Dynkin Alexander
Contours of the World Economy in 2020
Ежегодник, 2007

Fedorovsky Aleksander
Cultural Factor of the External Expansion of the Republic of Korea
Ежегодник, 2007

Gutnick V.
Germany: An Economic Upsurge against the Background of Political Discordance
Ежегодник, 2007

Ivanova Natalya
Dynamics of Innovations in the World Economy
Ежегодник, 2007

Khesin Efim
The End of T. Blair’s Epoch
Ежегодник, 2007

Kirichenko Elina
The US Economy: the Current Situation and Long-Term Trends
Ежегодник, 2007

Kobrinskaya Irina
Russia in the World Politics
Ежегодник, 2007

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
Industrial Policy of Economic Growth
Ежегодник, 2007

Leontyeva Elena
Japan: Retirement of Koizumi. What is Ahead?
Ежегодник, 2007

Malysheva Dina
Big Energy Game in the Caspian Region
Ежегодник, 2007

Mikheev Vasily
China: Economy, Social Problems, Policy
Ежегодник, 2007

Pikaev Alexander
Iranian Nuclear Problem: Can it Be Solved?
Ежегодник, 2007

Preobrazhenskaya Arina
France: Convincing Victory of Right-Wingers
Ежегодник, 2007

Prokhorenko Irina
Spain: Reform of the State of the Autonomies
Ежегодник, 2007

Rylko Dmitry
World Markets of Grain and Oil-Bearing Crops: the Impact of Bioenergetics
Ежегодник, 2007

Shubin Vladimir
South African Republic after Apartheid: Achievements and Problems
Ежегодник, 2007

Solovyev Eduard
National Business and the Image of Russia
Ежегодник, 2007

Stepanova Ekaterina
Organized Crime and Terrorism in Russia and in the World: Major Trends and Interdependence
Ежегодник, 2007

Strezhneva Marina
Standards of Democratic Constitutionalism: a Test for the EU
Ежегодник, 2007

Tomberg I.
Asian Markets of Hydrocarbons and Russia’s Prospects
Ежегодник, 2007

Varnavskii Vladimir
New Instruments of the State Industrial Policy
Ежегодник, 2007

Zvyagelskaya Irina
Palestinian Problem: Down the Stairs Going Up
Ежегодник, 2007

Ежегодник, 2007

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