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The Yearbook contains both information and analytical materials. Its analytical surveys and articles deal with the problems of the world economy and modern international relations. The publications depict the diverse and contradictory nature of the modern world and analyze the most important events and major trends in the global development, as well as in the development of different countries and regions. Among the subjects investigated in the yearbook are main trends in different branches of the world economy and problems of the global and national security. The contributors to the Yearbook are researchers from IMEMO and other leading Russian research centers. That makes it possible to provide a broad spectrum of opinions on the most topical problems of the world economy and world politics, including prospects for global economic growth, first results of trade wars, present and feature of modern pharma, new trends in US political system and economy, China economic and political developments, main trends of leading European and Asian states, consolidation of president model in Turkey, Syria crisis, the fate of Iran Nuclear deal, ets.


Preface (p. 3-5)
List of authors (p. 378-380)
Abstracts (p. 381-394)
Contents (p. 395-397)

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