Turkey: 2014 – a year of great change

Turkey: 2014 – a year of great change
// Year of the Planet. 2014. Yearbook. P. 364-377


Abstract. Transformation of Turkey's public life and legislation, based on the popularity of the ruling AKP entered the most serious period in 2014. In spite of mass protest actions of the nationalistic opposition hoping to ruin the popularity of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his party the late has won the March local elections. This success paved the way to the victory of Erdoğan on the summer Presidential elections and further promotion of ideological reconstruction of Turkey. Erdoğan called the coming period “The New Turkey” meaning further changes of transformation of the country from parliamentary towards presidential republic. Stability in the economic development and high rating of the ruling party gave Erdoğan a solid basis for the struggle against both the nationalistic opposition and the followers of Fethullah Gülen from the so called “parallel state”. 

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For citation:
Nadein-Raevskii V. Turkey: 2014 – a year of great change. Year of the Planet. — 2014, pp. 364-377

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