Ukraine factor in Russian-American relations

Ukraine factor in Russian-American relations
// Year of the Planet. 2014. Yearbook. P. 196-210


Abstract. Rise of geopolitical tensions between USA and Russia on post-soviet space is obvious. And Ukraine crisis reveals that US political class preoccupation of geopolitical (in essence) concepts of “peer power”, “geopolitical pluralism on post-soviet space” or “proliferation of the space of democracy”, ideas of NATO enlargement to the East in the realm of security and development of the practice of “change of regimes” over the world deeply undermine the trust (or even confidence) to the West in Russia long before the February 2014 and lead to a direct confrontation with announcement by president V.Putin plans of Eurasian economic integration. The rise of tensions also shows obviously the absence of any inclusive strategy on the West towards Russia that could give a chance to transform a geopolitical “zero sum” game into something more flexible and appropriate to the both sides. Ukraine crisis opens a new period of Russian-American relations and demands a mutual adaptation to less cooperative international developments and even to elements of strict competitiveness in a world politics in a manner of “cold war”. 

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Solovyev E. Ukraine factor in Russian-American relations. Year of the Planet. — 2014, pp. 196-210

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