Iran: Long Way out of Nuclear Stalemate

Iran: Long Way out of Nuclear Stalemate
// Year of the Planet. 2014. Yearbook. P. 121-132


Abstract.  The article describes prospects of resolving the Iranian nuclear crisis. The author indicates the difficulties for realization of “Joint Action Plan”, signed in Geneva on November 24, 2013. This plan did not based on Russian principle of “superposition and mutuality”. It impedes exceedingly as well as U.S. unwillingness to provide Iran with a phased road map for lifting of strict financial and economic sanctions impede signing of a comprehensive agreement on handling of the crisis between “six” (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) and Iran. The article also sets out that the Right wing group continues to bring further pressure on Iranian president Hassan Rouhani inside the country to block the realization of “Joint Action Plan”. This is precisely why we are only in the beginning of the way out of nuclear stalemate.

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For citation:
Evseev V. Iran: Long Way out of Nuclear Stalemate. Year of the Planet. — 2014, pp. 121-132

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