Turkey: is Western orientation going into the past?

Turkey: is Western orientation going into the past?
// Year of the Planet. 2013. Yearbook. P. 384-396


The domestic and foreign policy of Turkey was influenced by radical changes. Under new laws, the army lost the constitutional instrument of influence on the political life and the right to interfere in internal political struggle. According to the decisions of Turkish courts in 2013 hundreds of high ranked military received severe sentences. In the regional policy Turkey continued its interference in Syria against the ruling regime. But the increasing Islamization of Turkey’s public life based on the popularity of the ruling AKP received serious blow from oppositional forces. Mass demonstrations all over the country marked a serious problem for the ruling party: a large part of Turkish population is not ready to move back to the medieval past.


Turkey, islamization, home policy, Ergenekon, kurds

For citation:
Turkey: is Western orientation going into the past?. Year of the Planet. 2013, pp. 384-396

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