Japan: the New Economic Policy

Japan: the New Economic Policy
// Year of the Planet. 2013. Yearbook. P. 221-232

Abstract. S. Abe, taking the post of Prime Minister of Japan in the late 2013, declared a program of renewal of economic policies and offered a number of new guidelines for the nation. The program presented by S. Abe, named «abenomics», sets goals and gives guidelines for overcoming deflation. It is a pledge to create new fields for domestic capital investment and to return the economy to the course of economic growth. The roadmap offered by the Abe Cabinet includes a tax reform, revision of labor laws and alteration of agricultural policy.

Keywords: Japan, reforms, abenomics, economic growth

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Leontyeva E. Japan: the New Economic Policy. Year of the Planet. — 2013, pp. 221-232

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