West – East – Russia (archive).
No. Запад – Восток – Россия 2021 2022

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The yearbook "West – East – Russia" 2021 contains an analysis of the main trends, processes and the most significant events in the relations of the countries of the Center, Periphery and Semi-Periphery, taking into account the positions and interests of Russia in this interaction. Particular attention is paid to the weakening of the potential of American leadership and related increase of tension and the strengthening of the anti-Russian trend in the world. These problems are examined both at global and regional levels (the post-Soviet space, the Middle East, East and Southeast Asia, Latin America, etc.). The yearbook is completed with sections on ecology and scientific life, as well as a review of one of the new books on the subject of the yearbook and a chronology of the most important events of the year.

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