West – East – Russia (archive).
No. Запад – Восток – Россия 2020 2021

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The yearbook "West-East-Russia" 2020 presents the most significant events, processes and trends of the past year in the relations of the countries of the Center, Periphery and Semi-Periphery, including the positions and interests of Russia in this interaction. The main theme of the panorama of 2020 was the COVID-19 pandemic, the analysis of its damage to the world economy, the study of the experience of countering it in various countries and regions (China, India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America). On this background, the problems of the BRICS and the post-Soviet space are considered. Attention is paid to the situation in Syria, Libya and other hot spots. These and other topics are presented in both global and regional dimensions (Middle East, East and Southeast Asia, Latin America, etc.). There are sections on ecology and scientific life, as well as reviews of new books on the subject of the yearbook.

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