West – East – Russia (archive).
No. Запад – Восток – Россия 2019 2020

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This issue of the "West–East–Russia" Yearbook presents the main events, processes and trends of the past year in the relations between the countries of the Center and the Periphery and semi-Periphery, taking into account the interests and position of Russia in this interaction. The main topics of the World picture of 2019 are indications of growing global disintegration as a result of the USA hegemony politics (not only towards, say Russia or China, but even towards their allies); the problems of BRICS; situation in the Middle East. These and other topics are presented in both global and regional dimensions (Middle East, East and South-East Asia, Latin America, etc.). Traditionally, there are sections on ecology and new books on the subject of the Yearbook.


НАШИ АВТОРЫ (p. 183-184)

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