Investment Behavior of Enterprises in 2017–2018

Investment Behavior of Enterprises in 2017–2018
// Russian Economic Barometer (QuE). 2018. no. 3-4. P. 3-16

DOI: 10.20542/0202-179X-2018-3/4-3-16

Abstract. Investment   activity   of   enterprises,   in   terms   of   equipment procurement and total volumes of capital investments, turned out to be rather high  in  2017  (and  in  the  first  half  of  2018).  In  the  ranking  of  the  investments’ limiting  factors, “lack  of  financial  resources”and “high  prices  for  equipment and construction”remained to be paramount constraints. Enterprises suppose that  bank  loans  and  own  funds  are  the  main  sources  of  finance for  capital investments. At the same  time, most  of  the companies are not trying  to get  a bank loan to finance capital investments.

Keywords: Russia;   industry;   industrial   enterprises;   capital   expenditures; investments;  investment  plans;  sources  of  financing;  bank  loans;  marginal interest rate; investment motives

For citation:
Aukutsionek S. Investment Behavior of Enterprises in 2017–2018. Russian Economic Barometer (QuE), 2018, no. 3-4, pp. 3-16.

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