General requirements for authors

The manuscripts submitted for consideration by the “Pathways to Peace and Security” journal should:

  • Be relevant to the journal’s thematic focus (various aspects of contemporary armed conflicts and other forms of collective violence, the problems of conflict prevention, management and post-conflict peace-building, as well as other human security issues at different levels of the world politics). Authors who need help to assess the relevance of their topics to the journal’s thematic focus can contact the editors by e-mail:
  • Contain up-to-date, original, and independent research, based on the author’s own analysis that duly takes into account relevant contributions of other authors to the study of the subject. Inappropriate textual borrowings without valid references (plagiarism) are not permitted and result in consequences listed in the Publication Ethics section. Self-plagiarism (large-scale borrowing from one’s own works without providing proper references) is also not permitted.
  • To have research value and make an innovative contribution to investigation of a problem vis-à-vis previous contributions. Evident compilations from other works (including the author’s own previous publications) are not accepted.
  • To reflect the author’s commitment to impartiality, due consideration to viewpoints of all significant parties to a conflict, crisis etc.; to avoid opinion-based, partisan publicism and advocacy.

Manuscripts that do not fit these requirements are rejected by the editorial board without launching the review process. If a manuscript fits these requirements, the article qualifies for the review stage. If this stage is successful, the author is informed about the acceptance decision and tentative date of the publication.

Publishing an article in the “Pathways to Peace and Security” journal is free of charge. Any offer to publish a manuscript for a fee is a major violation of the journal’s publication ethics.

For more detail on authorship issues and editorial policy, see Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

See also Author Guidelines.  

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