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IMEMO's academic journal "Pathways to Peace and Security" covers various aspects of armed conflicts and other forms of collective violence, the problems of conflict prevention, conflict management and post-conflict peace-building, and other human security issues at different levels of world politics.
“Pathways to Peace and Security” is the oldest and, so far, the only academic journal in Russia specifically devoted to matters of conflict, peace, and human security.
The journal’s main goals are:
  • To promote Peace and Conflict Studies as a Political Sciences/International Relations sub-discipline in Russia and to build and expand national civilian expertise in this field that meets international academic standards;     
  • To provide a public, open-access venue for both lead academics in the field and younger colleagues to share their views and expertise with our broad audience, that includes academia, foreign policy, security and non-governmental sector practitioners, students et al., and to promote critical debate on peace and conflict issues;
  • To develop and popularize the human security approach to the study of armed violence, violence control, and other security issues;
  • To encourage international academic exchange of views, discussions and cooperation on peace, conflict and human security issues. Authors from 22 countries have published in this journal.
The journal also focuses on:
  • Methods of peace and conflict studies;
  • Global and regional trends and patterns in conflicts, one-sided violence against civilians, criminal violence;
  • Humanitarian aspects of armed conflicts and conflict management;
  • Terrorism and insurgencies;
  • Peace processes;
  • Violence control, antiterrorism, and counterinsurgency;
  • The role of non-state actors and networks in armed violence and violence control;
  • Political economy of conflicts; the links between armed conflicts, shadow economy and transnational crime;
  • The role of technology in conflicts and conflict management;
  • Non-violent threats to human security (non-violent crime, natural and technological disasters, pandemics etc.).
“Pathways to Peace and Security” features special issues to cover critical issues in depth. The themes of special issues include:
  • Humanitarian Challenges, Humanitarian Support and Human Protection in Armed Conflicts (2018);
  • Addressing Terrorism, Violent Extremism and Radicalization (perspectives from Russia and the United States (2017);
  • Peace processes and unrecognized states (forthcoming).
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Current Issue
2022, No. 2 (63)
  • - Africa in focus
  • - Conflict actors, posconflict cities: a comparative perspective
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