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The texts sent to our publication must be arranged in accordance with the requirements and rules outlined below. Adequate design of articles and materials published in the journal will make them accessible to a wide foreign audience who does not speak Russian. Of particular importance from this point of view are the English-language Abstract, the list of references and other sources used by the author (Sources), since they, rather than the full text of the article, are reflected in the Scopus and Web of Science systems. The content and informative Abstract, References and Sources should attract the attention of foreign readers to the topic of the article. It is in the author's interest to carefully approach the preparation of these blocks of the article and ensure that they are of the highest quality possible.

All incoming articles are checked for plagiarism and other forms of ethical violations (see: ethical principles of authors)

General parameters

Manuscripts should be submitted in .doc and .docx format (the latter is preferred).

The volume of the article should not exceed one liter. (40 thousand signs, including spaces).

Page parameters: top margin 3, bottom 2, left 3.5, right 2.

Font 12 Times New Roman.

Indent of the first line - 1.25; line spacing in the main text - 1.5

Title of the article - 16 points in the center in capital letters

© 2022 A.A. Author - 16 points in the center in lower-case letters

Subheadings inside the article - 12 p/u in capital letters

Footnotes: 11, one line spacing, not indented

No automatic hyphenation

Main type of quotation marks: " ". However, if there is a quoted section inside the quote it is marked with " ", and the whole quote is marked with «   »

Article structure


Formatting of footnotes or a list of references


Initials are placed after the last name of the author/editor. The surname of the author/editor is given in direct type, after the name of the editor, with a "comma" - ed./eds. The name of the source itself (book, periodical, website, document, etc.) is in italics. In a book (monograph, collection) the place of publication, publisher, year, total number of pages are necessarily indicated.

The "slash" sign is not used in the design of sources.

In a monograph the total number of pages is indicated (235 p.).

In an article - the range of pages (pp. 220-222).

If the publication has DOI, it is obligatory to indicate (!)

Peculiarities of the design of the review

The volume of the review is 20-25 thousand characters. Abstract and References are not required (necessary footnotes can be given page by page). Key words in Russian are given before the main text of the review. The English-language block is placed next and should contain the following information: title of the review; title, author(s) and imprint of the book reviewed; information about the author of the review; keywords.


English block example:


[Review of the book:Gadzhiev K.S. "Comparative Analysis of National Identities of US and Russia".Moscow, Logos, 2013. 408 p. (In Russ.)]


ORCID 0000-0000-0000-0000, e-mail

Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO), Profsoyuznaya Str., 23, Moscow, 117997, Russian Federation.

Received... Revised....Accepted ....


About author:

Ivan I. IVANOV, Ph.D. (History), Senior Researcher.



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