World Eonomy and International Relations. 2021. Vol. 65, No. 9

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Topical Themes of the Issue:

  •  Sustainable Finance: a New Theoretical Paradigm 
  •  Germany and the European Union After the Epoch of Chancellor Angela Merkel
  •  Social Challenges of the Digital Economy: Russia in a Global Context 
  •  Greater Middle East


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Current Issue
2022, vol. 66, No. 5
Topical Themes of the Issue:
• Vertical Restraints in Global Digital Markets 
• French and German Strategies in the Indo-Pacific 
• The Signal Component in Strategies of Limited Nuclear Employment
• At Post-Soviet Space 
• Development of Science and Technology: Post-Crisis Assessments
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In response to the challenges of our time the Editorial board continues to open new thematic rubrics:

“World Energy Sector after Pandemic”. We plan to publish articles presenting in-depth analysis of influence of Pandemic on the global energy sector and forecasts of further developments in its various branches.