Conflict Problems in Modern World

DOI: 10.20542/0131-2227-2016-60-6-90-101


In November 2015, the Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Socio-Political Studies, Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences (IMEMO), held a workshop dedicated to the analysis of the causes and factors of the escalation of conflicts in the contemporary world, of their complex nature and implication for global, regional and country development. The discussion focused on the transformation of the world order in recent years and on domestic conflict prone issues, including problems associated with the migration crisis in Europe. The following IMEMO researchers participated: Dr. Sci. (History), Leading Researcher G.I. Vainshtein; Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Deputy Director E.Sh. Gontmakher; Dr. Sci. (History), Head of Center N.V. Zagladin; Cand. Sci. (History), Head of Department V.V. Komarovskii; Leading Researcher, First Deputy Editor-in-Chief of “Polis. Political Studies” journal V.V. Lapkin; Dr. Sci. (Philosophy), Head of Research Group V.I. Pantin; Cand. Sci. (Econ.), Head of Research Group E.S. Sadovaya; Cand. Sci. (History), Senior Researcher V.A. Sautkina; Dr. Sci. (Political Science), Head of Research Group I.S. Semenenko; Cand. Sci. (Political Science), Head of Research Group E.G. Solov'ev; Cand. Sci. (Political Science), Research Associate M.V. Fomin; Dr. Sci. (History), Principal Researcher K.G. Kholodkovskii; Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Head of Research Group I.P. Tsapenko; Dr. Sci. (Econ.), Principal Researcher V.L. Sheinis


global issues, interstate conflicts, ethno-religious conflicts, identity conflicts, destructive and constructive conflicts, immigration crisis, conflict regulation 

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Conflict Problems in Modern World. World Eonomy and International Relations, 2016, vol. 60, No 6, pp. 90-101.

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