World Eonomy and International Relations. 2016. Vol. 60, No. 4

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The analysis of the EU energy policy regarding exploration and production of shale gas and other unconventional fossil fuels using high-volume hydraulic fracturing is offered to our readers among the main articles of issue no.4. 

We also publish the article examining economic effects of regional integration in the emerging markets, impact of globalization on economic integration and existing models of economic integration in different regions of the world in order to distinguish key characteristics of efficient model of integration at the post-Soviet space. The most discussed aspects of the Latin American modern economic situation – deepening technological gap and slow rates of technological progress, limited role of internal drivers of economic development, conservation of foreign economic dependence – are considered in the article on developments of this region of the world.



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2023, vol. 67, No. 3
Topical Themes of the Issue:
  • Tax Instruments to Stimulate Innovations in EU Countries 
  • Russia and Western Balkans: Realized and Missed Opportunities in Trade
  • Spanish Society: Stable Instability 
  • ASEAN and the Myanmar Dilemma 
  • Greater Middle East
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