Editorial Board

RYABOV Andrei Vilenovich – Editor-in-Chief

MATVEEVA Irina Eduardovna – Executive Secretary

“World Economy and International Relations” Journal Editorial Board Members

1. AVTONOMOV Vladimir Sergeevich – Corresponding Member of RAS, Head of Department, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”; Principal Researcher, IMEMO (Moscow)

2. BARANOVSKII Vladimir Georgievich – Academician of RAS, Member of the Directorate, IMEMO (Moscow)

3. BOL’SHAKOV Andrei Georgievich – Doctor of Political Science, Professor, Head of Department of Conflictology, Kazan (Privolzhskii) Federal University (Kazan)

4. BRENNAN Louis – Professor in Business Studies (Business & Administrative Studies), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland)

5. VOITOLOVSKII Fedor Genrikhovich – Corresponding Member of RAS, Acting Director, IMEMO (Moscow)

6. DYNKIN Aleksandr Aleksandrovich – Academician of RAS, President, IMEMO (Moscow)

7. ZHUKOV Stanislav Vyacheslavovich – Doctor of Economics, Deputy Director for Scientific Work, IMEMO (Moscow)

8. ZAGASHVILI Vladislav Stepanovich – Doctor of Economics, Head of Research Group, IMEMO (Moscow)

9. IVANOVA Natal'ya Ivanovna – Academician of RAS, Doctor of Economics, Member of the Directorate, Head of Research, IMEMO (Moscow)

10. ISKANDARYAN Aleksandr Maksovich – Director of the Caucasus Institute (Armenia)

11. KADOCHNIKOV Sergey Michailovich – Doctor of Economics, Director of Saint-Petersburg Affiliation of National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Saint-Petersburg)

12. KAPELYUSHNIKOV Rostislav Isaakovich – Corresponding Member of RAS, Principal Researcher, IMEMO; Deputy Head of Center, National Research University “Higher School of Economics” (Moscow)

13. KOSOLAPOV Nikolai Alekseevich – Cand. Sci. (History), Head of Department, IMEMO (Moscow)

14. KRUKOV Valerii Anatol’evich – Academician of RAS, Director of Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Siberian Branch of the RAS (Novosibirsk)

15. LARIN Victor Lavrent’evich – Academician of RAS, Deputy Chair of the Far Eastern Branch of RAS, Head of the Center of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography of Far East, Far Eastern Branch of RAS (Vladivostok)

16. LI YUNGQUAN – Doctor of History, Director, Institute of Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) (PRC)

17. LIUHTO Kari – Professor Turku School of Economics, University of Turku (Finland)

18. LOMANOV Alexander Vladimirovich – Dr. of Science (History), RAS Professor, Deputy Director for Scientific Work, IMEMO (Moscow)

19. MANGOTT Gerhard – Professor, University of Innsbruck (Austria)

20. MART’ANOV Viktor Sergeevich – Cand. Sci. (Political Sciences), Director, Institute of Philosophy and Law, Ural Branch of RAS (Ekaterinburg)

21. MALHOTRA Ajai – Distinguished Fellow, The Energy and Resources Institute (New Delhi, India)

22. MOROZOVA Elena Vasil’evna – Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration, Kuban’ State University (Krasnodar)

23. ROSS Cameron – Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Dundee (UK)

24. ROTFELD Adam Daniel – Professor, Institute of Interdisciplinary Research, Warsaw University, foreign member of RAS (Poland)

25. RYABOV Andrei Vilenovich – Cand. Sci. (History), Editor-in-Chief, “World Economy and International Relations” Journal (Moscow)

26. SEMENENKO Irina Stanislavovna – Corresponding Member, Dr. of Sciences (Politics), Deputy Director for Scientific Work, IMEMO (Moscow)

27. SHIMOTOMAI Nobuo – Professor, Hosei University (Tokyo, Japan)

28. STENT Angela – Professor, Georgetown University (USA)

29. TORKUNOV Anatolii Vasil'evich – Academician of RAS, Head, MGIMO (University) under RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Moscow)

30. FADEEVA Lyubov’ Aleksandrovna – Doctor of History, Professor, Head of Department of Political Science, Perm State National Research University (Perm)

31. FERDINAND Peter – Professor, University of Warwick (UK)

32. FENG SHAOLEI – Dean, Professor, School of International and Regional Studies, East China Pedagogical University (Shanghai, PRC)

33. KHUDOLEI Konstantin Konstaninovich – Doctor of History, Professor, Department of European Studies, Department of International Relations, Saint-Petersburg State University (Saint-Petersburg)

34. CHERNYSHOV Yurii Georgievich – Doctor of History, Professor, Head of Department of World History and International Relations, Altai State University (Barnaul)

35. CHUGROV Sergei Vladislavovich – Doctor of Sociology, Professor, Department of International Journalism, MGIMO (University) (Moscow)

36. SHAUKENOVA Zarema Kaukenovna – Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan

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Current Issue
2024, vol. 68, No. 4
Topical Themes of the Issue:
  • Financial Contagion Propagation in Europe under the Impact of Global Shocks
  • Regional Powers on the African Continent: Trends and Prospects
  • Investment Activity of the PRC in the Kyrgyz Republic
  • “Land Grabbing” Concept: Global and National Aspects
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  • formation of the new world order
  • shifts in civilization at the stage of transition to a digital society

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