Kanaev Evgeny
Южная часть Тихого океана в Инициативе «Пояс и путь»: аспекты безопасности // Юго-Восточная Азия: Актуальные проблемы развития. 2020. Т. 1, № 46. С. 288-302. DOI 10.31696/2072-8271-2020-1-1-46-288-302.
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ISSN 2072-8271

DOI 10.31696/2072-8271-2020-1-1-46-288-302

The article analyses the implementation of China’s mega-strategy the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in the South Pacific. The key parameters shaping the security milieu of this subregion are outlined, China’s measures in the context of the BRI realization are revealed and systemized, the key BRI vulnerability factors in the South Pacific are distinguished. In the author’s view, stressing its significance as the non-traditional security provider to the South Pacific states, without timely and comprehensive measures to cope with the COVID-19 pandemics as part of its BRI strategy China may become a hostage of this approach.

Keywords: South Pacific | PRC | Belt and Road Initiative | Australia | New Zealand | Pacific Island Countries | security | cooperation | COVID-19 |

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Kanaev Evgeny, Terskikh Mikhail
Перспективы вьетнамо-китайских отношений и «цифровой Шелковый путь» в Юго-Восточной Азии // Вьетнамские исследования : электронный научный журнал. 2020. Серия 2, № 4. С. 5-15. DOI 10.24411/2618-9453-2020-10029. URL: http://www.ifes-ras.ru/images/vs/2020/vs_2020_4-5-15.pdf (дата обращения: 30.12.2020).

Kanaev Evgeny
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Kanaev Evgeny
Shanghai cooperation organization in China''s Belt and Road Initiative

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A new initiative for the development of cooperation between Central and South Asian countries: a view from Russia

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Russian and China’s Eurasian Project

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SAGAR (Security and Growth for All in the Region) and IPOI (Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative): Shaping India's Security Through Regional Development

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Kanaev Evgeny, Terskikh Mikhail
Cooperation between Russia and the South Pacific Countries: an Asia-Pacific Multilateral Dialogue Perspective
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