Leontyeva Elena, Kalmychek P., Kistanov V.
Japan: the Power Shifted — the Problems Remain A. Karneev. «Chongqing Model»: What Was It? Part 2 / Kalmychek P., Kistanov V., Leontieva E.
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 In 2012 — early 2013 Japan's political situation remained unstable. The Democratic Party, which came to power in late 2009, had not been able to fulfill its campaign promises and, as a result, suffered a defeat in the parliamentary elections in December 2012. The returned to power Liberal Democratic Party also faces a number of serious domestic and foreign policy challenges. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is going to pull the economy out of stagnation and exercise rigid external policy, including the resolution of territorial disputes with neighbouring countries.

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Prokhorenko Irina
Federica Mogherini: the new face of the European diplomacy

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Japaneese Politics in Asia-Pacific Region and Interests of Russia

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Roundtable “The Legacy of Shinzo Abe Cabinets: Politics, Economics, Diplomacy”

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Changes in the system of government support for science and innovation in Japan

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Japan in the Pacific region. Foreign policy strategy

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International Development Assistance and Security Interests in Japan''s Policy

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Land Tax Reform in Meiji Japan and Its Outcomes

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