Frolov Alexander
Ялта и проблемы локальных конфликтов // Обозреватель-Observer. 2020. № 6 (365). С. 28-40.
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ISSN 2074-2975

Regional wars and conflicts are not only the most sensitive sphere of relations between major world powers, including the United States and Russia, but also a trigger for larger crises. The Yalta system of international relations regulated them within the framework of the UN and its Security Council in different ways: from sufficiently effective actions to complete inaction. In a changing world, the forms of work of the UN and its Security Council require rethinking, in particular, when resolving local conflicts.

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Challenges to the global security in the 21 st century: ethnic and civilization conflicts

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5th session of the working group on non-proliferation and arms control

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Local Conflict: Modern Tools

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