Lomanov Alexander, Yan Xiao
China’s Theoretical Innovation and Economic Policy in the New Era // World Socialism Studies : ISSN 2096-2630. 2021. Issue 3. P. 14-19, 89.
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China’s reform practice and experience have provided references for its theoretical innovations in social sciences and have contributed to the upgrade of its economic policies. However, foreign scholars’ interpretation of China’s development path is often not in line with reality; the international dissemination of Chinese theories is hindered by political and ideological factors. The proposal of "dual circulation" — domestic circulation and international circulation — was an important event in China in 2020. It is not only an important part of China’s "14 th Five-Year" plan for national economic and social development,but will have an significant influence upon the research and development of economic theories. Therefore,we should deepen our research on the "dual circulation", which combines continued expansion of opening-up with strengthening China’s economic sovereignty,and gives priority to domestic production and consumption as a guarantee for sustainable economic development and growth. 


Shvydko Vitaly
New five-year plan of scientific and technical development of Japan: new highlights in government policy to promote science and innovations

Долматова С.А.
Устойчивое развитие в эпоху поликризиса и дезинтеграции: можно ли восстановить глобальное сотрудничество? // Вопросы политической экономии. 2023. № 1 (33). С. 158-172. DOI 10.5281/zenodo.7850947.

Gracheva Mariya
The Introduction of Spending Review into the Budget Process in Germany

Arabadzhyan Alexandra
Ernesto Che Guevara’s criticism of the soviet methods of socialist construction and its eventual application to the contemporary Cuba

Anosov Boris
Активизация потребительского спроса как залог успешного развития экономики КНР // Проблемы прогнозирования. 2021. № 6 (189). С. 158-167. DOI 10.47711/0868-6351-189-158-167.

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Consumption in Confucianism and China’s modern economic strategy. Economics and Management. 2022;28(6):563-575.

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Basic Parameters of Modern System of International Relations (Part I) // Polis Journal.Political Studies, 2012, № 3. P. 36–44.

Arabadzhyan Alexandra
Ernesto Guevara’s Position in the Economic Debate on Cuba in 1960-s

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Политическая экономия демократии. М., Гуманитарий, 2008, 288 с.

Semenenko Irina
Political Identity and Identity Politics / Semenenko Irina S.

Rabotyazhev Nikolay
Between tradition and utopia left-wing conservatism in Russia

Долматова С.А.
Polycrisis Globalization or Sustainable Development 4.0?

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Volodin Andrey
Indian Studies in Soviet Social Studies

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О диалектическом единстве внутренней и внешней политики Китая (к 100-летию образования коммунистической партии Китая) // Вестник Российской академии наук. 2021. Т. 91, № 8. С. 703-712. DOI 10.31857/S086958732108003X.

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The Economic Cycle in Russia in the Years 1998-2008: the Emergence of Internal Mechanisms for Cyclic Development or Importation of the Global Turmoil? / Belyanova E.V., Nikolaenko S.A.

Afontsev Sergey
Transforming Research Results into Policy Advice: Political Economy Perspective
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