Zhukov Stanislav
World oil and gas market: the players and strategies. M .: IMEMO, 2008, 139 p.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-159-0

Articles included into the present collection are united by a common conceptual approach - some problems of world oil and gas market, which passes through the phase of intensive restructuring, are reviewed in the context of changes taking place in the most dynamic zones of global economy. Analysis concentrates on the following issues: current and anticipated shifts in global oil demand and supply; emergence of new large oil producing and consuming centers; OPEC oil production policy during the last upward commodities cycle and objective capacities of the organization to influence world oil price; increasing complication of oil market configuration caused by emergence of new regional and global players. Special attention is paid to dramatic changes in the oil and gas sectors in the post-Soviet space. One of the key problems the study deals with is the inter-linkage between economic growth of the global periphery and situation of the world oil market. This problem is considered both for exporters (OPEC) and importers (China) of energy resources.

Keywords: World oil and gas market | strategy | OPEC | PRC | global peripherals |

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