Salitskii Alexander, Tatsii V.
World Economy: a Time of Reappraising? / Salitskiy A.I., Tatciy V.V.
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 The article deals with the new situation that has emerged after the 2008-2009 crisis in the world economy. The authors consider the success story of Chinese economic model as undermining for the mainstream liberal theory. Some basic features of this theory look as hampering economic development. In practice, postindustrial world with an overextended fi nancial sector is loosing competition to China where growth is based on industrial development and high rate of investment. Chinas fi nancial power is putting the end to the Western domination on the market of services, including fi nancial services. The perception of harmonious union of capital and labor on a global scale as the future of world economy (the underlying concept of neoliberalism) had shown its inadequacy. The biggest developing state has approached the phase of self-suffi ciency in capitals, assumed a selective use of foreign capitals, thus actually undercutting the monopoly price of credits. This apparently may lead to reduction of interest rates on the global market. Hard currencies may yet lose some more of their relative value. The whole system of ratings may be changed dramatically.

Keywords: world economy and prc | globalization | regionalization | peking consensus |

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