Kokeev Alexander, Khorolskaya Maria
Impact of the Pandemic on the Economic and Political Situation in Germany. Part 2
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ISSN 2618-7914

DOI 10.15211/vestnikieran420217987

The COVID-19 epidemic has become a major challenge for Germany. The authors set a goal to analyze how the German government solves the problems facing the country at the national and European levels, as well as to identify how public attitudes are changing under the influence of the pandemic. In the first part the rate of spread of the pandemic and the effectiveness of German restrictive measures were analyzed. It was concluded that during the first period of the spread of the virus, optimistic assessments of its success in the fight against the pandemic prevailed in Germany, but during the second wave, the FRG authorities faced significant difficulties. The authors also looked in detail at the economic damage from the pandemic. The second part of the study is devoted to changing public attitudes in society. The authors research in detail how the pandemic affects electoral preferences and make predictions about the upcoming elections to the Bundestag. Particular attention is paid to the German policy against COVID-19 and minimizing the consequences of the pandemic at the European level. After the first isolationist reaction of the EU countries gave way to attempts to find a join set of measures, the FRG authorities are making significant efforts to come to a compromise that satisfies the majority of the members of the European Union.

Keywords: Germany | EU | COVID-19 | quarantine | public attitudes in Germany | electoral preferences | Bundestag elections | vaccinations | coronabond | EU Recovery Fund |

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Kokeev Alexander, Khorolskaya Maria
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Economic and Political Situation in Germany. Part 1

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