Yevtodyeva Marianna
Military-Technical Cooperation of South-East Asian States with the United States and EU Countries (2011–2020)
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ISSN 2542-0240

DOI: 10.23932/2542-0240-2021-14-4-9

The article aims to identify the key trends and main areas of development of arms trade and military-technical cooperation between South-East Asian countries and the United States and European Union countries over the past decade (2011-2020). In addition to the direct procurement of weapons and military equipment (with a detailed list of purchased systems for each of the South-East Asian countries), the supply of subsystems and components, the licensed production and other forms of military-technical cooperation are also considered. The growth of military expenditures and arms procurement of the South-East Asian countries over the past decade is analyzed in terms of influence of such drivers as internal instability, the China-US confrontation in the Pacific region and the unresolved disputes between the countries in the South China Sea, the modernization of the armed forces and national defense industries in SouthEast Asia. On this basis, conclusions are made about the prospects for development of military-technical cooperation and arms procurement in the region, as well as how the changes taking place in this sphere affect Russia’s military-technical cooperation with South-East Asian countries.

Keywords: military-technical cooperation | arms markets | military expenditures | arms and military equipment procurement | licensed production | South-East Asian countries | United States | European Union |

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Yevtodyeva Marianna
New Stage of Military-Technical Cooperation between Russia and China

Yevtodyeva Marianna
New Stage of Military-Technical Cooperation between Russia and China

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Anichkina Tatiyana
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