Dynkin Alexander
В поисках новой нормальности [Текст] / А.А. Дынкин // Научные труды Вольного экономического общества. Юбилейное издание к 250-летию ВЭО России. – 2015. – Т. 195. – С. 466 – 480.
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ISSN 2072–2060

The article gives a detailed characteristic of the modern world order and substantiates the concept of a polycentric world with a dynamic change in hierarchies suggested by IMEMO – a «new normality» that implies the situation of uncertainty and high volatility in the world economic policy. Many trends shaped in the 20th century are running the gantlet now – the old world order is broken and the way to a new order will be very tortuous. Despite the obvious progress, Russia
has recently come across the need for finding a new economic growth model. This model should be connected with structural and institutional changes, the quality of human resources, innovations, and advanced technologies. The author believes that there are no universal algorithms and regularities of economic and political development created at the expert and scientific levels that can be used as guidelines in the 21st century. There are different economic concepts, but they are hardly acceptable for all regions and countries. Therefore the global community is in search of a new economic postulate and it is also an example of looking for a «new normality» – there is a need for new economic concepts rather than universal algorithms. The world makes a step from common values to the balance of interests. 

Keywords: crisis world order | the trends | the sluggish recession | political conflicts | modernization | the growth drivers | the shale revolution | «the new normality» | the crisis | polycentric world | the hierarchy | the «reactive» policy | the cold war | universal algorithms | economic thinking | deflation | new economic postulates | «progressista» | innovation acceleration | innovation | adaptation mechanisms | vectors | «professorship» | ideological pluralism | the balance of interests limits of influence | polycentrism | hierarchy of countries | a new model of economic growth |


Mirkin Yakov
Новая экономическая политика для России // Научные труды Вольного экономического общества России. 2021. Т. 227, № 1. С. 115-127. DOI 10.38197/2072-2060-2021-227-1-115-127.

Kudinova Olga
Мифы, реальность и новая нормальность [Текст] / О.Н. Кудинова // The Chemical Journal. – 2016. – № 9. – С. 34 – 38.

Varnavskii Vladimir
Is deflation a threat to the EU growth?

Dynkin Alexander
Альтернативы постковидного мира : доклад на Московском академическом экономическом форуме (МАЭФ-21, 26 мая 2021 г ) // Научные труды Вольного экономического общества России. 2021. Т. 230, №4. С. 71-75. DOI 10.38197/2072-2060-2021-230-4-71-75.

Potapov Maxim
On the Growth Factors and Model of Economic Development of China

Kudinova Olga
Сланцевая революция - новый шанс для химической промышленности [Текст] / О.Н. Кудинова // Вестник химической промышленности. – 2013. – № 6. – С. 47 – 48.

Rogozhina Natalia
COVID-19 in Indonesia

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
The Crisis of 2014 in Russia as an Outcome of Economic Policy Flaws

Tselishev Ivan
East Asia: A New Wave of Growth and Structural Transformation. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2012, 118 p.

Lomanov Alexander
Innovation and tradition in the interpretation of democracy in the modern CCP ideology

Zhukova Tatiana
Модель промышленного роста Испании 1950–1991 гг., основанная на банковских кредитах [Текст] / Т. В. Жукова // Банковские услуги. – 2018. – № 3. – С. 26-36.

Globalnaya perestroika/ Eds. A. Dynkin, N. Ivanova; Institute of World Economy and International Relations. Moscow, Ves Mir, 2014, 528 p.

Lukonin Sergey
Китай: новая нормальность крупным планом [Текст] / С.А. Луконин // Металлы Евразии. – 2017. – № 2 (126). – С. 54-55.

Solovyev Eduard
Russian-American Relations in Turbulence

Rogozhin Alexander
Торговая война или сложные переговоры?: интервью [Текст] / А. А. Рогожин ; беседу вел И. Скогорев // Национальный банковский журнал. – 2018. – № 5 (171). – С. 78-80.

Kondrat’ev Vladimir
Топ-модель выживания / В.Б. Кондратьев // Прямые инвестиции. – 2009. – № 2. – С. 14-17.

Volkov Aleksei
Measures to overcome crises in Sweden
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