Ponedelko Galina
Sustainable tourism as a factor in the regional development of EU countries
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ISSN 1999-2645

DOI 10.20542/2307-1494-2020-1-122-138

The article shows that sustainable tourism, as a new promising socio-economic strategy, is a comprehensive concept for the development of all segments, directions and types of tourism activities, while simultaneously forming a new form of humanitarian education as a holistic and systemic vision of life, ecological thinking and education for all participants in this process. Recognizing the need to improve the quality of the tourism product, the importance of the environmental and socio-economic responsibility of business, all other structures involved in the planning and implementation of sustainable tourism projects in the visited territories is emphasized.

Keywords: sustainable tourism | EU countries | competitiveness of sustainable tourism | European Investment Plan | government incentives for tourism |

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Klinova Marina
The state and national competitiveness (The case of EU)
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