Breslavtseva Alexandra
`Success or Failure? The Problem of Evaluating the Results of the US campaign in Afghanistan`
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ISSN 2070-5476

DOI 10.18254/S207054760029082-7

The end of the US campaign in Afghanistan in 2021 has led to mixed outcomes from the point of view of the American expert community. The article analyzes the problems and ways of evaluating the results of the US long-running campaign in Afghanistan. Special attention is paid to the key issues affecting the US withdrawal and to the main conclusions and lessons that American politicians and experts consider necessary to learn to increase the effectiveness of the US foreign policy mechanism.

Keywords: US withdrawal | Joe Biden | Afghanistan | National Security | NEO | Counterterrorism |


Ivanov Stanislav
Will Biden could withdraw the US forces from Afghanistan?

A New Stage of Afghan Crisis and U.S. Strategy Options

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Bubnova Natalia
The withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and American policy: What went wrong?

Ivanov Stanislav
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Tsapenko Irina
The Afghan migration crisis and U.S. policy. Polis. Political Studies, 1, 42-59. (In Russ.)

Klinova Marina
The role of State in France Economy: test for Coronavirus

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Ivanov Stanislav
К 50-летию ввода войск Варшавского договора в Чехословакию. Из воспоминаний участников событий [Текст] / С. М. Иванов // Обозреватель-Observer. – 2018. – № 7. – С. 93-103.

Makarevich Gleb
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Ivanov Stanislav
Активизация деятельности «Исламского государства» в Афганистане [Текст] / С. М. Иванов // Зарубежное военное обозрение. – 2019. – № 11 (872). – С. 15-19.

Krivopalov Alexey
The Twilight of the Big Battalions. Historical Study of the Military Conflicts of the Future

Davydov Alexey
The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan as a sign of a new era

Bubnova Natalia
The june 2021 Russia-U.S. summit: structuring of confrontation or setting groundwork for the future?

Shapiro Natalia
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Bragina Elena
Indian startups - symbol of changes

Andreev Yuri
Мой Афганистан / Ю.В. Андреев // Власть. – 2010. – № 7. – С. 171–173.
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