Nevskaya Anastasia
The Digitalization of Russia-EU trade
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ISSN 0201-7083

DOI 10.15211/soveurope4202091101

The article analyses the emerging and promising phenomenon - the online trade between Russia and the EU countries. The research proceeds from the hypothesis that due to the establishment of online trade channels Russia and the EU will be able to achieve a new quality of trade interaction, involving small and medium-sized businesses, and correct structural and sectoral imbalances. The author explores the achievements and prospects of the development of this phenomenon using statistical data, platforms, and sellers' information, industry reviews and European Union reports. The author investigates the opportunities offered for Russian sellers by marketplaces operating in the EU market. The forms of participation of EU companies in the development of the Russian e-commerce market are shown. It is concluded that the process of transition of trade relations between Russia and the EU into the e-sphere is currently going on by inertia, but there are prerequisites for its acceleration on both sides. Qualitative and quantitative growth of ties in this area is inevitable, which poses a challenge not only in the field of regulation but also from the point of view of conceptualization, statistics methodology, accounting, and analysis of new types of economic interaction.

Keywords: Russia | EU | electronic commerce | internationalization | digitalization | marketplace | trading platforms | online export |

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Nevskaya Anastasia
The Digitalization of Russia-EU trade

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