Ivanov Stanislav
The Kurdish problem as a legacy of the Versailles system of world order
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DOI 10.15211/vestnikieran42023122131

The article analyzes the roots and origins of the Kurdish problem. The author puts forward the thesis that the unresolved Kurdish issue is closely related to the unfair redistribution of the borders of the Ottoman Empire by the victorious countries after the First World War. The Treaty of Sevres in 1920 and the subsequent Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, in fact, divided the borders of three new states of ethnic Kurdistan. Thus, the Kurds were deprived of the opportunity to create their own national state and found themselves in the position of oppressed minorities in Turkey, Iraq and Syria, as well as in Shah Iran. Having received a League of Nations mandate to govern Iraq and Syria, Great Britain and France cared least of all about the rights and freedoms of the Kurds. The so-called neo-colonizers relied in their rule on the comprador bourgeoisie from among the Arab tribal nobility and the military. The national liberation movement of the Kurds was brutally suppressed by local nationalists and the colonial troops supporting them. The problem of self-determination of Kurdish communities in the region is still relevant. At the level of an age-old dream and idea, the Kurds are unlikely to give up broad autonomy, a nation-state or a confederation.

Keywords: Middle East | Kurds | struggle for rights and freedoms | Turkey | Iran | Iraq | Syria | USA | Great Britain | France | Treaty of Sevres | Treaty of Lausanne | Versailles system of world order |


Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
Syrian curds in struggle for their rights and freedoms

Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
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Timofeev Pavel

Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
Where does the middle East “Arab spring”? / Ivanov S.M.

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Strategies for regional security: new threats and challenges(the case of the Black Sea - Caspian Sea region)

Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
The Middle East and the Modern World Order

Ivanov Stanislav
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Ivanov Stanislav
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Kamkin Alexander
Middle-Eastern vector of German foreign policy (2010–2022)

Ivanov Stanislav
Armed conflicts in Syria and Iraq and prospects of their decision

Avatkov Vladimir, Syrtmach M.M., Yakimova D.A., Krylov D.S.
The Syrian refugee crisis. The problem of forced displacement in the Middle East
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