The Future of Innovations in the US, the EU and Japan (Priorities in Technological Development). Ed. by Dynkin A.A., Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2004.
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ISBN 5-9535-0044-0

The authors have analyzed the experience of the US, the EU and Japan in planning the future of innovations with regard for intense rivalry in the global technology market. Global trends and priorities in the the development of science and advanced technologies, the fundamentals of innovation process, as well as what and how each of the above-listed countries does to foresee and direct the future of innovations, are discussed in the book. Forecasting of innovations is an extremely difficult problem. The book dwells on methodological approaches and practical steps taken by the industrially advanced countries to control the transition to new realities. Such a guided transition is being made through the elaboration of long-term, socially, politically and economically admissible forecast scenarios. In those countries comprehensive study of technological development trends and regular revision of research priorities have become the major functional elements of innovation processes and the mechanism of forming the future of national innovation systems. The book continues the research on innovations forecasting conducted by IMEMO within the framework of the Comprehensive Research Program supervised by the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences and entitled «Analysis of the Future Technological Development of Russian Economy with Regard for New Global Integration Process».

Keywords: innovation process | innovation systems | forecast scenarios | US | EU | Japan |

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