The Euro-Atlantic Region: Security Challenges and Opportunities for a Joint Response. Report to the Meeting of the Commission on Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (Munich, February 7-8, 2010) [Text] / V.Baranovsky. – M. : IMEMO RAN, 2010. – 39 pp.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0258-0

The report «The Euro-Atlantic Region: Security Challenges and Opportunities for a Joint Response» has been written by corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Baranovsky for the Euro-Atlantic Security Initiative (EASI), a new, high-level international commission. The EASI was launched by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and is implemented by the group of prominent politicians and experts from Russia, the USA and Europe with the goal to elaborate proposals on the new Euro-Atlantic security structure. Co-Chairs of the EASI Commission are: former US senator Sam Nunn, exforeign minister of Russia Igor Ivanov and ex-vice-foreign minister of Germane Wolfgang Ischinger. IMEMO is the key partner of the project in Russia. All participants of the project see the solution of the problems not through the prism of Russian-Western relations, but in the context of common threats to the security. Such an approach serves for more effective promotion of Russian vision of all-European security. The EASI project and Russian active participation in it were recognized as expedient by the President of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
This report starts the series of publications under IMEMO and EASI aegis in Russia. The author considers the formation of the Euro-Atlantic security architecture as a broad and multi-faceted undertaking. Within this «big project» it is important to initiate and promote a number of parallel processes, focused on the development or renewal of various types of structural security elements in the Euro-Atlantic space. The goal is the development of an entire network of treaty instruments for governance and joint actions based on territorial and problematic principles. Such mechanisms, as well as interaction of participating states could create a true fabric of Euro-Atlantic security. This approach Vladimir Baranovsky defines as a variable geometry model of Euro-Atlantic security.

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