Terrorism: Patterns of Internationalization. Ed. by J.Saikia and E.Stepanova. London, New Dehli, Singapore, Sage, 2009.
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ISBN 978-81-7929-951-8 (Hb)

The volume, co-edited by Jaideep Saikia (Assam, India) and Dr Ekaterina Stepanova (IMEMO/SIPRI) brings together 12 analysts from South and South East Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to address the main patterns of internationalization and transnationalization of terrorism. These analyses are illustrated by case studies of a selection of terrorist groups and networks at levels from local to global. The editors argue that the traditional distinction between “domestic” and “international” terrorism has become increasingly blurred, as even those terrorist groups whose political agenda is confined to local or national context, often tend to internationalize some or most of their logistics, fund-raising, propaganda and planning activities. Thus, of primary importance today is not the mechanical demarcation between purely “domestic” and “international” terrorism, but the overall level of a group’s goals and agenda—local, regional or global. The volume addresses the new trends in internationalization of terrorism, including declining state support to terrorist activity by non-state groups and a shift towards more active cooperation between autonomous terrorist groups and the formation of the fully transnational networks.

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