Sautkina Vera
Telemedicine technologies in the United States: social determinants of development
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ISSN 2686-6730

DOI 10.31857/S268667300014341-5

This study examines the various stages and factors involved in integrating telemedicine technologies into the U.S. healthcare system. The emergency situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic has become a powerful catalyst for the development of the industry. The question of the extent to which the convergence of healthcare and digital technologies will contribute to expanding access to health care for all segments of American society is becoming more relevant and requires constant scientific observation. The paper presents the main barriers to the promotion of the latest medical technologies in the previous period. Taking into account the special social significance of the development of public health, it is shown that the key factor in the further promotion of telemedicine in the country is the consistent expansion of access to high-tech care for Medicaid beneficiaries and other low-income groups of patients. Based on the analysis of expert assessments, the author concludes that in the future, virtual medical care in close cooperation with traditional clinical tools will become the basis for the formation of new hybrid models of healthcare. It is also emphasized that all the latest medical technologies, while improving the quality of medical care, simultaneously carry new, poorly understood risks to the health of patients. Therefore, the process of expanding their accessibility to the general population should be accompanied by careful monitoring by the state and the medical community.

Keywords: public health | telemedicine | virtual medical care | social determinants |

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