Gamza Leonid
Тесhnological Confrontation between theUS and China in theAsia-Pacific Region
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ISSN 1026-8804

DOI 10.24411/1026-8804-2020-10038

The paper is devoted to the analysis of the confrontation between the United States and China in the field of innovation and advanced technologies, which are the most important component of the development strategy of each country and one of the main directions in their struggle for leadership in the world. The dynamics of policy and measures of American authorities aimed at undermining the positions of Chinese leading high-tech companies in the United States and abroad are considered. The example of ZTE and Huawei companies, which are world leaders in the development and deployment of the new fifth-generation telecommunication network 5G, shows that the confrontation in technology between the United States and China is a manifestation of intense competition at the interstate level, which will increase. At the same time, the US politics and tough pressure do not meet with understanding and support from many countries of the world that is clearly seen in the Asia-Pacific region (APR), which is one of the main sales markets and the arena of confrontation between the two countries. Most of the states of the region are guided by their national and economic interests in their assessments and decisions and consider the American pressure on Chinese companies as politically motivated and dictated by the needs of the internal development of the US economy. In the context of tough confrontation between the United States and China, the state and prospects for the development of ties between Chinese high-tech companies and Russia are considered as an alternative. The author’s conclusion is that under the conditions of sanctions and severe American pressure, Russia, China and their companies, deploying 5G networks, are objectively interested in cooperation and realize it in the field of innovations in the form of complimenting the scientific, economic and technologic potentials of the two countries that meets their strategic development goals and will improve and grow further in the medium and long term.

Keywords: China | Russia | US | Asia­Pacific region | ‘trade war’ | sanctions | ZTE | Huawei | wireless 5G networks | interaction | cooperation |

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