Komova Anna
Суверенные фонды как глобальные инвесторы: ретроспектива и прогноз [Текст] / А. В. Комова // Финансы, деньги, инвестиции. – 2019. – № 3. – С. 31-36. DOI: 10.36992/2222-0917_2019_3_31.
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ISSN 2222-0917

DOI 10.36992/2222-0917_2019_3_31

Two periods and their specific features of SWFs investment strategies (pre-crisis up to 2008, post-crisis) are identified. For the period 1990-2019 there was an increase in the risk level of investments of sovereign funds, a decrease in the share of external managers, an increase in co-investments of strategic funds, and easing of quantitative restrictions on investments. The main events in the development of fund regulation are indicated and a forecast of trends up to 2030 is given. Forecast of changes in investment strategies for the period 2020-2030 is given (increase in risk level, enhanced assets utilization with passive strategies, the leading role of co-investments in PE, etc.).

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The Role of Endowments in Financial Markets: Key Trends in 1990–2020 in the USA (on the example of the US education sector)

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Role of Spanish Banking System in Creating the Conditions for Fast Economic Growth in 1939-1970 and 1975-1985

Bogacheva Olga
Earmarked Budget Revenues and Government Business-Type Operations in the Practices of OECD Countries
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