Khokhlov Igor, Sidorova Elena
Supranationality in EU Politics (2nd ed., revised and completed). Moscow, Russia: International Relations (2014), 304 p.
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ISBN 978-5-7133-1429-3

Before 2007 when the first edition of the book saw light, the term “supranationality” had hardly ever been used by Russian authors, so the purpose of the work was primarily to explain the very nature of supranational integration. In the fi rst edition, the evolution of integration in the period
before the global fi nancial crisis was explained for most part through its own internal logic and development dynamics, although it was stated that external factors had acted as a sort of impetus at the stages of its emergence and initial development. In the second edition of the book, which
covers the period up to the present and includes the analysis of economic aspects of supranationality, the authors state that the EU development dynamics are increasingly defi ned by global processes.
The monograph can be recommended to university and postgraduate students, lecturers, scholars and all those interested in European integration.

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