Chetverikova Anna
Структурные изменения в экономиках стран Вишеградской группы // Российский экономический журнал. 2020. № 3. С. 77-89. DOI 10.33983/0130-9757-2020-3-77-89.
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DOI: 10.33983/0130-9757-2020-3-77-89

The article analyzes the changes in the economies of the Visegrad group over the past decade. The dynamics of the main indicators, including indicators of the industry structure and employment structure, as well as the world economic (global) competitiveness of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, are considered. The issue of the innovation sphere of the «four», its features against the background of pan-European trends, is touched upon. The main factors and limitations of development of these countries are highlighted. The main characteristics of the Visegrad model and its impact on the participating countries are identified.

Keywords: European integration | European integration process | European Union (EU | Union | EU) | «old» members (founders) of the EU | post-socialist countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) | Visegrad group | Czech Republic | Slovakia | Hungary | Poland | sectoral structure of the economy | employment structure | world economic (global) competitiveness of economies | transformation of economies |

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