Strategic Review 2023 / ed. by Alexei Arbatov ; IMEMO ; MGIMO. – Moscow : MGIMO University, 2024. – 300 p.
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The first issue of the regular publication devoted to the analysis of the most acute and topical problems of international security facing the world community in 2023. The transformation of strategic stability and the emergence of new centers of power in the military-strategic balance were studied, new technologies and their impact on international security were investigated. A detailed analysis of regional security problems in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the Middle East was carried out.

The publication is intended for the Russian and foreign political and expert community, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in international security issues.

The publication was supported by MGIMO University “Priority-2030” programme


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Maritime strategy of Pakistan: Development and future prospects

Nikitin Alexander
Key tasks for preserving and strengthening strategic stability

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